Trade in that Business Card for a Custom T-Shirt

A good business card is important. They are a valuable business staple. However, T-shirts are quickly becoming a current staple for businesses. Before we get into that, let’s breakdown the purpose of a business card. First, it provides people with contact information. Pretty simple. If they want to call, email or know where your business is located, all they have to do is pull out your business card. Nowadays, it also provides others with a link to your website, so they can check out your business and what you provide. Secondly, it helps your customers/clients remember you. Furthermore, the style and the design convey your company’s values and approach towards business. Finally, a well-designed card differentiates you from the competition. However, a custom T-shirt can do all of those things, and more.

Placing all of your contact information on a T-shirt is a perfect alternative to a business card. But, it goes a step further than that. You can list your services on a much larger canvas that will catch people’s attention by simply walking down the street. If designed well, they will be immediately impressed and remember you. Not only that, but they’ll remember what services you provide. A t-shirt is not a gimmick; it’s a guerilla marketing idea. If the advertising giants have taught us anything, it’s that shock and awe works. But, you don’t have to shock your customers into remembering you. You just have to create an amazing tactile reminder of who you are and what you’re about. If they’re impressed with the design of the tee and your services, they may even want a t-shirt for themselves. And with Team Shirt Pros, we make reordering easy. There is no minimum size order. If you have customers or clients that want to sport your custom t-shirt, you can log on to your password protected page and order one for them.