Picking a Quality T-Shirt for Printing

Practically everyone owns more than one t-shirt. Out of all of your t-shirts, there is always one that stands out above the rest. It makes you feel comfortable, taller and overall better when wearing it. Your “golden boy” if you will. But, what goes into a quality t-shirt when it comes to printing? There are a number of quality t-shirt blanks out there, and at Team Shirt Pros we offer some of the best. There are a lot of things to consider when choosing the t-shirt blank that was meant for you. Take a look at our top 3 t-shirt blank choices for printing.


Anvil t-shirts come in an array of colors and sizes for everyone: men, women and youth sizes. They are also quite a bit thicker than a majority of other t-shirt blanks out there but remain just as soft. They are also more affordable than most, which makes them an easy choice. Anvil t-shirts come pre-shrunk, so no worries about sticking them in the dryer on high heat. These quality t-shirts stand up the laundry test, and provide a smooth surface for printing. They’re also a little longer than Gildan shirts, which most women prefer when looking for a quality t-shirt. One potential downside is that the sleeves tend to bow out more than most t-shirt blanks. So, if this is an issue for you, Anvil might not be the right choice. But considering the price, they’re a more than acceptable choice.


Gildan t-shirts are priced competitively to that of Anvil’s. They are also heavyweight ring spun cotton. Gildan tees come in a variety of blends as well as 100% cotton. Contrary to Anvil, Gildan t-shirts come in an unusual assortment of colors. So, you’re not restricted to basic color choices. Go crazy with heliconia, jade dome and chesnut. You can also choose from a variety of fits, including: classic, fitted, junior fit, missy fit and semi-fitted. Gilman tees are known to shrink more than most, so be sure to get a slightly bigger size when ordering. Anvil is a subsidiary of Gildan, so they’re both backed by responsible manufacturing processes. Gildan became part of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition in 2013. This is an organization that works to reduce the amount of environmental and social impacts of apparel and footwear products. Gilman has reduced its amount of GHG emissions by 45% since 2010. They have also reduced the amount of energy they use. In 2014, 53% of the total energy used was powered by renewable resources. For many organizations and individuals, responsible practices have become a factor in choosing their everyday products.


This Los Angeles brand is one of our most popular t-shirt blanks. These quality shirts come in many different styles and have a superior print surface. They also boast to be the softest tees in the bizz. Woman love these tees in particular due to their assortment of styles: racer-back, raglan and crop top tees just to name a few. They offer flowy, slouchy, relaxed and slim fits for every occasion. You can wear these shirts out on the town or to work out. Bella+Canvas are also an eco-conscious brand. They don’t manufacture any of their shirts out of sweatshops. Instead they operate out of paper-free, completely solar-powered warehouses. And they create millions of t-shirts solely in the United States. So with this brand, you’re supporting your own economy and eco-conscious practices.

A lot goes into choosing a quality t-shirt for printing. When choosing the right shirt for you, consider your color, style and fit options as well as what you’ll be using it for.