Custom Sweatshirts

Custom Sweatshirts

Get Custom Sweatshirts Made with Team Shirt Pros

We may be known for our quality custom t-shirts, but anything you can put on a t-shirt can also be printed on custom sweatshirts. Think about the possibilities! We offer no minimum order. So, you even can design something just for yourself and only order one. But, why stop there. With a custom sweatshirt, you’ll become the envy of your friends. Reordering is easy, so you can order more and charge your friends! Before you know it, you’ve started your own business designing custom sweatshirts.

They’re also perfect for schools and school events. No student should go without a custom sweatshirt with his or her school’s logo on it. Clubs, athletic events and fundraisers can happen any time of the year. It’s always good to have a toasty sweatshirt handy. They’re also perfect for track and field. This vigorous sport takes place during the springtime and it can still get pretty chilly. Especially, when you’re waiting for your event.

Or, maybe you’re an RA at your college? Big brother or sister at your fraternity or sorority? Custom sweatshirts are the perfect way to sport your college logo or Greek letters. You can even design a custom graphic for an event you’re hosting. It’ll help you spread the word for an upcoming event, or create a following for annual events or celebrations. They’re also perfect for fundraising. You can raise funds for your school, fraternity or sorority with colorful and customized sweatshirts.

At Team Shirt Pros, we love hoodies. You can’t lose with a good hoodie, and a customized one to boot! For sweatshirt options, check out our Merchandise page. When you’ve picked out the perfect one, just upload your artwork and place your order. With easy reordering capabilities, you can order again and again.

What Goes into a Quality T-Shirt Blank?

What Goes into a Quality T-Shirt Blank?

Picking a Quality T-Shirt for Printing

Practically everyone owns more than one t-shirt. Out of all of your t-shirts, there is always one that stands out above the rest. It makes you feel comfortable, taller and overall better when wearing it. Your “golden boy” if you will. But, what goes into a quality t-shirt when it comes to printing? There are a number of quality t-shirt blanks out there, and at Team Shirt Pros we offer some of the best. There are a lot of things to consider when choosing the t-shirt blank that was meant for you. Take a look at our top 3 t-shirt blank choices for printing.


Anvil t-shirts come in an array of colors and sizes for everyone: men, women and youth sizes. They are also quite a bit thicker than a majority of other t-shirt blanks out there but remain just as soft. They are also more affordable than most, which makes them an easy choice. Anvil t-shirts come pre-shrunk, so no worries about sticking them in the dryer on high heat. These quality t-shirts stand up the laundry test, and provide a smooth surface for printing. They’re also a little longer than Gildan shirts, which most women prefer when looking for a quality t-shirt. One potential downside is that the sleeves tend to bow out more than most t-shirt blanks. So, if this is an issue for you, Anvil might not be the right choice. But considering the price, they’re a more than acceptable choice.


Gildan t-shirts are priced competitively to that of Anvil’s. They are also heavyweight ring spun cotton. Gildan tees come in a variety of blends as well as 100% cotton. Contrary to Anvil, Gildan t-shirts come in an unusual assortment of colors. So, you’re not restricted to basic color choices. Go crazy with heliconia, jade dome and chesnut. You can also choose from a variety of fits, including: classic, fitted, junior fit, missy fit and semi-fitted. Gilman tees are known to shrink more than most, so be sure to get a slightly bigger size when ordering. Anvil is a subsidiary of Gildan, so they’re both backed by responsible manufacturing processes. Gildan became part of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition in 2013. This is an organization that works to reduce the amount of environmental and social impacts of apparel and footwear products. Gilman has reduced its amount of GHG emissions by 45% since 2010. They have also reduced the amount of energy they use. In 2014, 53% of the total energy used was powered by renewable resources. For many organizations and individuals, responsible practices have become a factor in choosing their everyday products.


This Los Angeles brand is one of our most popular t-shirt blanks. These quality shirts come in many different styles and have a superior print surface. They also boast to be the softest tees in the bizz. Woman love these tees in particular due to their assortment of styles: racer-back, raglan and crop top tees just to name a few. They offer flowy, slouchy, relaxed and slim fits for every occasion. You can wear these shirts out on the town or to work out. Bella+Canvas are also an eco-conscious brand. They don’t manufacture any of their shirts out of sweatshops. Instead they operate out of paper-free, completely solar-powered warehouses. And they create millions of t-shirts solely in the United States. So with this brand, you’re supporting your own economy and eco-conscious practices.

A lot goes into choosing a quality t-shirt for printing. When choosing the right shirt for you, consider your color, style and fit options as well as what you’ll be using it for.

Custom T-Shirts are Perfect for Fundraising

Custom T-Shirts are Perfect for Fundraising

Need Help with your Fundraising? Sell T-shirts and Collect Donations

Do you represent an organization and need fundraising? Are you trying to raise awareness and collect donations for your own cause? A custom t-shirt is the perfect avenue for fundraising.

When we think about raising funds, the first thing that comes to mind is the old-fashioned bake sale. It’s something that every kid (and mostly parents) did to raise money for their school. And while it was effective, it was on a small scale. If you have a cause that you’re trying to get behind and you need funds, consider selling t-shirts instead of baked goods. You’ll gain a much wider audience, and can promote your donations online.

T-shirts have a way of uniting all sorts of people towards a single cause or goal. Your audience might already care for your cause, but giving them something tangible makes them feel like they’re part of the experience—part of the team. And you also give them something to take away from all of it. Something that they can treasure for years to come. A physical link to the good memories that they made. And every time that they wear your shirt, it promotes your cause even further. It also leaves potential for more donations next year if you have an annual event.

By choosing custom T-shirts as a fundraising option, you take the pressure off of raising money. With a well-made product, you can easily exceed your fundraising expectations. You will readily captivate friends, family and perfect strangers with a beautifully designed, quality t-shirt.

And at Team Shirt Pros, we make ordering easy. Just upload your artwork, choose your product and place your order. You can also easily reorder more if you underestimated the potential of your reach!

Need to Gain Mass Outreach on a Tight Budget?

Need to Gain Mass Outreach on a Tight Budget?

Gain Mass Outreach on a Tight Budget

There are a lot of ways to get your name out there. You can utilize social media. Canvas the neighborhood with fliers. Or, you could join a local networking group. These are all great low-cost options. However without the proper knowledge, posting to social media can get lost amongst the volume of pictures of people’s pets and the food they ate for lunch. After spending countless hours canvasing the neighborhood, it can all be for not. People tend to trash fliers from solicitors immediately or just leave them in the street. And while joining a local networking group can be helpful, they still cost a bit of money. Plus, their outreach only extends to the people that you know.

To truly gain mass outreach on a tight budget, promotional items such as t-shirts are the way to go. They have the potential to be used and reused while promoting your brand. They will also last quite a bit longer than a flier or a business card. T-shirts have a long shelf life. With a small price tag, they give you the most “bang for your buck.” When figuring out ways to promote yourself, it’s all about value. Promotional items such as custom t-shirts have been proven to give you a great return on investment. It ups your outreach, and is the perfect product to giveaway. By giving t-shirts away that include your logo and contact information, you extend your reach exponentially. Besides, everyone enjoys a good t-shirt.

If you’re looking for a way to promote yourself and gain mass outreach in your community, consider custom t-shirts as a low cost option. You’ll be glad you did. And with Team Shirt Pros, we make it easy to order. Just upload your image, choose your product and checkout. We also offer easy reordering capabilities with no minimum.

T-Shirts Are an Alternative to a Business Card

T-Shirts Are an Alternative to a Business Card

Trade in that Business Card for a Custom T-Shirt

A good business card is important. They are a valuable business staple. However, T-shirts are quickly becoming a current staple for businesses. Before we get into that, let’s breakdown the purpose of a business card. First, it provides people with contact information. Pretty simple. If they want to call, email or know where your business is located, all they have to do is pull out your business card. Nowadays, it also provides others with a link to your website, so they can check out your business and what you provide. Secondly, it helps your customers/clients remember you. Furthermore, the style and the design convey your company’s values and approach towards business. Finally, a well-designed card differentiates you from the competition. However, a custom T-shirt can do all of those things, and more.

Placing all of your contact information on a T-shirt is a perfect alternative to a business card. But, it goes a step further than that. You can list your services on a much larger canvas that will catch people’s attention by simply walking down the street. If designed well, they will be immediately impressed and remember you. Not only that, but they’ll remember what services you provide. A t-shirt is not a gimmick; it’s a guerilla marketing idea. If the advertising giants have taught us anything, it’s that shock and awe works. But, you don’t have to shock your customers into remembering you. You just have to create an amazing tactile reminder of who you are and what you’re about. If they’re impressed with the design of the tee and your services, they may even want a t-shirt for themselves. And with Team Shirt Pros, we make reordering easy. There is no minimum size order. If you have customers or clients that want to sport your custom t-shirt, you can log on to your password protected page and order one for them.

Increase Brand Recognition with T-Shirts

Increase Brand Recognition with T-Shirts

Custom T-Shirts Increase Brand Recognition

Any goal for a business large or small is to create a brand that will be easily recognized by the public. Brand recognition is difficult to attain. However, there are sure-fire ways to get your name out there. You want to set yourself apart from your direct competition. Moreover, you want your brand to be synonymous with your product or service. The aim is to remain in the minds of your customer base, and to stay current.

At Team Shirt Pros, you can design your own custom T-shirts sporting your brand. Choose a product, style and color that will further embody your company. Get creative! The design is completely up to you. Promotional products are a simple tool, but effective. Increasing awareness for your cause, company or institution is easy when applying your brand to a T-shirt. And here’s why:

  • Your brand becomes a walking billboard. It doesn’t matter where you are, the grocery store, restaurant or Public Park. You now become a walking advertisement.
  • People love T-shirts! They’re comfortable and can be worn almost anywhere. Plus, they’re always in style.
  • T-shirts make a great giveaway. You can give them to your employees to spread the word about your company. Or, you can give them away as gifts after an event. They’re an inexpensive way to show appreciation.
  • They make your brand memorable. With a well-designed tee, you create a tangible link to your brand. And, you’ll stay at the top of everyone’s mind because your T-shirt will stay in their regular laundry rotation, their closet or their dresser drawers.

If that wasn’t enough, surveys state that 52% of people say that their impression of a brand or company is more positive after receiving a promotional product. And nearly 50% of those people use that product daily. T-shirts make you look good, make your customers look good and increase brand recognition. Design your custom T-shirt today with our easy online ordering.